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“When veteran book publicist Kathryn Hall becomes an empty nester, she happily moves to a small village along the California coastline, gets a dog and starts a garden, realizing a longtime dream.”

Fashioning a lifestyle she had not anticipated, she has found herself beginning every morning out in the garden, in her PJs, ever since. Early on, she had an epiphany. “Everything I observed in the garden was also true in my life.” She began taking notes. And, eventually, she began a gardening blog!

Over time and many gardens, and the creation of her award-winning gardening blog, she distilled her metaphorical observations into Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden. In it she lovingly offers readers 52 profound and memorable insights, sharing a lifetime of heartwarming and poignant stories, both in and out of the garden, designed to encourage and spark each reader’s own inner journey to find his or her own unique truth, joy and purpose.”


Plant Whatever Brings You Joy has been honored on various Best Lists on Goodreads!

Praise for Plant Whatever Brings You Joy

“…an invaluable resource for understanding ‘the garden’ as a source of healing, growth, solace, joy, wisdom and inspiration. This is a spiritually uplifting and wise book.”
–Angeles Arrien, author of Living with Gratitude and The Second Half of Life

“I love depth and wisdom of this beautiful book. It brings back the joy and discovery of A Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh that I read in my twenties. My own cherished copy is dog-eared, marked with stars and hearts, and resides on my ‘Favorites Bookshelf'”.
–Diana Wentworth, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbooks

Plant Whatever Brings You Joy is a book that you can’t put down once you start reading it. The author, Kathryn Hall, does a masterful job of intertwining autobiographical vignettes with life lessons learned in the garden. Her message is simple and profound ~ live your life with passion and joy. This inspirational book will touch your heart and open you up to the possibilities of living a rich and authentic life.”
–Fran Sorin, CBS Radio News correspondent, author of Digging Deep

“Bliss in a book!”
–Liz Watkin, gardening blogger, The Nutty Gnome, England

“…Kathryn Hall shares her insights about the knowledge and inspiration found in gardens and the natural world…
Publishers Weekly

“…one of the best books I have seen for the spiritual community.”
–Ronney A. Aden, editor of Inner Words magazine

“…this book is insightful, practical and entertaining.”
New Spirit Journal

“Miss Hall’s book is truly fascinating. It keeps readers engaged, and leaves you with a string of deep thoughts to mull over late at night…Plant Whatever Brings You Joy is a meaty book that asks you to evaluate yourself over and over again…Kathryn Hall does an excellent job in drawing it out clearly for everyone.”

“Hall skillfully writes with the style of ladies who lunch. Her writing is a joy to read: elegant, fun, and definitely unique.”
Dig It! Magazine

“[Hall] creatively shares her observations with poignancy, humor and grace. Take it to the beach!”
Beverly Hills Times

“A lifetime’s worth of heartwarming and poignant stories”
GreenPrints magazine

“The garden as a metaphor is by no means a new literary concept but this is a fabulous packaging of that idea.”
Telluride Watch

“It’s easy to get drawn in to reading the eloquent prose and seeing one’s self in each of the pages turned.”
–Helen Yoest, author of Gardening with Confidence

“ This delightful book of easy-reading stories will plant much wisdom in the garden of your life. Simple and profound, it will help awaken your own graceful flowering!”
— Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance

“ Through metaphor and story, Kathryn Hall calls forth images of what it means to cultivate our inner garden. This revealing collection sheds light on the soul’s yearning for beauty, joy, and meaning wherever you are.
–Alan Briskin, author of The Power of Collective Wisdom

“I wanted to enjoy every page, every story as long as possible… These stories teach and nourish the soul and spirit.”
–Ewa Szulc, blogger, Ewa in the Garden, Poland

“ … as luscious as a peony in full bloom. Thank you for walking me in the
garden of your heart.”
— Dawna Markova, Ph.D., author of I Will Not Die an Unlived Life and co-author of Random Acts of Kindness

“Kathryn Hall has written a gentle book—she leads the reader from chapter to chapter as if wandering along a beautiful garden path.”
–Book of the Month, A Garden Runs Through It, Master Gardeners, University of California, Davis, California

“[Hall’s] latest offering comes to us garden lovers in the form of a book: Plant Whatever Brings You Joy which encapsulates Hall’s “blessed wisdom from the garden” — culling over twenty years of horticultural experience into 52 life lessons. Each lesson is brought to life with meaningful and touching observances of the author’s own time in, and out of, the garden.
Whole Person Calendar

“…a remarkable and riveting read.”
Midwest Book Review

“…enchanting to read.”
–Chel Micheline, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

“A fine survey of lessons learned from gardening…packed with wonderful insights perfect for gardening and new age libraries alike!”
California Bookwatch

“Hall uses the enduring metaphor of the garden…illuminating the human adventure.”
Spirituality and Practice

“Thank you, Kathryn Hall for gifting your readers with a different perspective on the wisdom found by connecting with the earth…”
–Teri Speight, gardening blogger, Cottage in the Court

“It is a testament to the skillful writing style, seemingly so easy and natural, and the life affirming lessons to be considered that your readers will make this book their own; it is just that kind of book: a book to treasure.”
–Philip Bewley at Philip Bewley, Fine Art Advisory

“Every chapter is illustrated with metaphors, not of details on growing a soil-based garden but how to live a full life.”
–Jean Campbell, gardening blogger, Secrets of a Seed Scatterer

“Kathryn doesn’t give answers, but instead ends each story with questions designed to provoke thinking and self-examination.”
The Gardener’s Club, Santa Cruz, California

“…a good companion for winter’s chill.”
–Dee Nash, author of The 20/30 Something Garden Guide

“[Hall’s] humor, authenticity, and courage shine through each story, and her probing questions at each chapter’s end invite the writer to move more deeply into the process of self-transformation.”
–Patty Montgomery, author of Mythmaking

“ Gardens have been with us since the time of Eden. They teach, they nourish the body and the soul, they beautify. Plant Whatever Brings You Joy is also a garden — of delight, of wisdom and of sustenance.”
–Martin Rutte, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

“What an elegantly-crafted read this is!”
–Will Schneider, author of Lucifer’s Game

Plant Whatever Brings You Joy is so refined, and carries a vibration of love, beauty and wisdom that relays the feminine with grace and power.”
–Rhianne Newland


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Kathryn at a booksigning at Depot Bookstore and Cafe in Mill Valley, California

Kathryn at a booksigning at Readers Books in Sonoma, CA

Kathryn, we attended your book signing at Reader’s Books in Sonoma on Saturday. Not only did I enjoy that most beautiful day, but “Plant Whatever Brings You Joy” is now a part of the very special books that sit on my bedside table…awaiting me each day & night. What absolute delicious treats your lovely, insightful words, stories, experiences, musings are…!
I’ve now just discovered your blog…talk about a Treasure Trove! Thank you!

Kathryn at Copperfield’s Books, Healdsburg, California

Author talk and booksigning, Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino, California

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